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Dana Lee Ellis

Dana Lee Ellis

Associate Professor, School of Sports Administration
School of Sports Administration
Faculty of Management


I enjoy many different sports as a participant and as a fan. I am a huge fan of both tennis and soccer, as a player and a spectator. I also enjoy watching hockey, Formula 1, cricket, and the Summer and Winter Olympics. I have been lucky enough to attend three Olympic Games and one World Cup as a spectator and researcher.

I love the family feel of a small university like Laurentian and I feel grateful that I get to work with the amazing students that we see in SPAD. Seeing the passion that SPAD students have for the subject matter, the pride they take in the program, and the way they come together into a tight knit group over four years is one of the best parts of my job.

When I am not travelling you can often find me working at one of Sudbury’s great coffee shops or playing tennis at the indoor tennis centre. In the summer I love to take advantage of the beautiful views and lakes that are everywhere around us in Sudbury. 


  • Undergraduate: BA Honours Kinesiology 2005 (University of Western Ontario)

  • Masters: MA Human Kinetics 2007 (University of Ottawa)

  • Doctorate: PhD Human Kinetics 2013 (University of Ottawa)

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator


In the broadest sense my research examines the business of mega-events such as the Olympic Games. Within this broad context my focus is in two areas. The first is related sponsorship and branding of mega-events, most specifically the practice of ambush marketing. The second is related to the application of organization theory to mega-event management. Most recently this has involved studying joint bidding within the Olympic Movement. 



I have been lucky enough to teach many different SPAD classes during my time with the program. My main teaching areas however are related to SPAD 2037 which covers sport branding and sponsorship and the Sport Industry Consulting course. I have also had the chance to offer two elective courses called the Dark Side of Sport and International Sport Business that I enjoy.


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