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Guangdong Yang

Guangdong Yang

Full Professor, School of Natural Sciences
School of Natural Sciences
Science, Engineering and Architecture
F-309, Science Building


07/2021-present, Full Professor, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Canada

07/2015-06/2021,  Associate Professor,  Laurentian University, Sudbury, Canada

7/2012-06/2015,  Research Associate Professor, School of Kinesiology, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada

3/2007-06/2012,  Research Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada

9/2006-2/2007, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biology, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada

10/2002-9/2006, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physiology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada


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I have a strong interest in gasotransmitter, biomolecular science, and signal transduction research. There are three areas of on-going research programs and interests funded by NSERC and HSFC, including: 1) Biological significance of H2S-mediated protein translational modification; 2) Roles of H2S in cell behaviours; 3) Regulation and function of H2S in iron metabolism.




  • Merit increment, Laurentian University (2023)
  • New Investigator Award, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (2009-2014)
  • Maureen Andrew New Investigator Award from Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (2009), given to the highest rated Ontario New Investigator in the national competition who clearly demonstrates excellence in the area of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular research.
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Research Fellowship (2006-2007)
  • Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2004-2005)


CHMI-5606EL- Research Seminar in Chemistry (2022 fall)

CHMI-5005EL- Critical Review Essay (2022 fall)

CHMI-5000EL/FL- Thesis (2022 fall)

CHMI-5236EL- Molecular Biology of Eukaryotes (2016 winter, 2017 winter, 2021 winter)

CHMI-5246EL- Selected Topics - Biochemistry (2016 winter, 2016 fall, 2018 fall, 2023 fall)

CHMI-4615EL- Research Seminar (2018 fall/2019 winter/coordinator)

CHMI-4446EL- Drug Design and Development (2020 winter/group teaching)

CHMI-4256EL- Biochemistry of Diseases (2016-2018 fall, 2020-2022 winter, 2024 winter)

CHMI-4237EL- The RNA world (2021 winter)

CHMI-4207EL- Advanced Cellular Biochemistry (2017-2018 winter)

CHMI-3227EL/FL- Experimenal Biochemistry (2018-2020 winter, 2022 winter, 2023 winter)

CHMI-2220EL-10- Clinical Chemistry (2020-2023 spring)

CHMI-2031EL-10- Natural Products-Organic & Biochemical Features (2023 winter, 2024 winter)

BIOL-2701EL 12- Human Physiology (2022 fall, 2024 winter)

BIOL-1700EL-12- The Structure and Functions of Human Body (2022 spring, 2023 spring, 2023 fall/2024 winter)



Selective publications since 2014 (#, trainee; *, corresponding author).

  1. Linjacki S#, Wang Y#, Baath N#, Mantle D#, Yang G*. H2S protects from rotenone-induced ferroptosis by stabilizing Fe-S clusters in rat cardiac cells. Cells. 2024, 13(5):371. 

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