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Kenneth Chakasim

Kenneth Chakasim

Sessional On-Campus (mo)
Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture
Part-Time Staff
McEwen School of Architecture
Science, Engineering and Architecture
TE-216, School of Architecture


K. Jake Chakasim is a lecturer at the School of Architecture where he teaches Architectural Design Studio. His interdisciplinary approach to the profession of architecture addresses the need to re-contextualize Aboriginal traditions through refined typologies.  For his efforts, Jake was awarded the Architectural Research Center Consortium (ARCC) Jonathan King Medal for 2010-11, an award that acknowledges innovation, integrity and scholarship in architectural and/or environmental design research.  Jake is currently pursuing a PhD in Human Studies at Laurentian University with a focus on the design-based economy of Indigenous communities. 


  • Master of Architecture (Professional Degree), Ryerson University
  • Bachelor of Architectural Science (Design), Ryerson University
  • Civil Engineering Technology Diploma, Lakehead University


wapimisow | reflexive strategies in Canadian Aboriginal art, architecture + identity

oshichikaywin | the ‘act of making’ in relation to one’s entire being

weypiskosiweywin | the Canadian Indigenous diaspora experience (the people have been displaced)