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Louis-Pierre Bélec

Louis-Pierre Bélec

Assistant Professor, McEwen School of Architecture
McEwen School of Architecture
Science, Engineering and Architecture


Raised in Northern Ontario, Louis-Pierre is a Franco-Ontarian Intern Architect with multiple years of architectural work experience in Canada, France, and Switzerland, and holds a BAS and an M.Arch from the University of Waterloo. Since 2022, he has been working as a sessional instructor and coordinator of the Archi·North Architecture Summer Camp at the McEwen School of Architecture, as well as a part-time professor at Collège Boréal. A Luso-Canadian of Azorean descent, his design research is centred on the Azores and the adaptive reuse of vacant Azorean architecture. Since 2018, he has pursued ongoing research pertaining to his M.Arch thesis entitled “Reoccupying Ruins in the Azores: Shifting Spaces, Materials, and Culture on the Islands of Terceira and Graciosa.


BAS, M.Arch

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