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Stéphane Perrouty

Stéphane Perrouty

Associate Professor, Harquail School of Earth Sciences
Harquail School of Earth Sciences
Science, Engineering and Architecture


I completed a PhD at the University of Toulouse, France, a post-doctoral fellowship at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, France, and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. I'm currently involved in several multidisciplinary collaborative research programs, including the CFREF Metal Earth program, NSERC-CMIC Mineral Exploration Footprints program, and AMIRA's West African and South American Exploration Initiatives. My research integrates structural geology, mineralogy, lithogeochemistry, applied geophysics, and three-dimensional modelling to understand tectonic processes associated with Precambrian ore deposits.


Post-Doctoral Fellow (2013-2017) - University of Western Ontario, Canada

Post-Doctoral Fellow (2012-2013) - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, France

B.Sc. (2006), M.Sc. (2008), PhD (2012) - University of Toulouse, France


My research aims to identify and understand tectono-stratigraphic factors and hydrothermal processes that lead to gold mineralization in Precambrian shields, in particular within Archean and Paleoproterozoic greenstones belts. I developed a broad research expertise integrating a range of disciplines in geosciences, with a primary interest in Precambrian geology, structural geology and modelling applied to gold exploration.

Current HQP

Michael Tedeschi (PDF, 2021-2023) Tectono-stratigraphic of the Guiana shield, Guyana and Suriname

Rebecca Montsion (PhD candidate, 2018-2022, co-tutelle with the University of Western Australia): Factors contributing to metal endowment in the western Wabigoon and Abitibi subprovinces: a mineral prospectivity modelling approach for Archean greenstone belts

Sean Mundreon (MSc candidate, 2021-2023): Refining hydrothermal alteration footprints using hyperspectral imaging, Hammond Reef gold deposit, Ontario

Limin Xu (co-supervisor, MSc candidate, 2019-2021): A fluid-flow modelling approach for predictive mapping of orogenic gold mineralization in the Malartic camp, Québec

Amokelani Mavundza (MSc candidate, 2018-2021): Integration of petrography, geochemistry and petrophysics to characterize the internal structure and evolution of the Revell batholith, western Wabigoon subprovince, Ontario

David Downie (MSc candidate, 2018-2021): Barren giants in Precambrian greenstone belts: structure, mineralogy and lithogeochemistry of the Boyer Lake magmatic-hydrothermal system, western Wabigoon subprovince, Ontario

Eliott Théas (co-supervisor, MSc candidate, 2018-2021, UQAM): Structural and geological study of the Odyssey prospect, Malartic camp, Québec

Kassandra Sofonio (Applied MSc candidate, 2020-2022): Massive sulfide geometry and paragenesis, Fenelon gold deposit, Québec

Marc-André Pelletier (Applied MSc candidate, 2020-2022): 3D structural modelling of the Fenelon gold deposit, Québec

Past HQP

Ben Frieman (2018-2021, PDF): Volcano-stratigraphy of the western Wabigoon subprovince, Dryden, Ontario

Kendra Zammit (2018-2020, MSc): Structural evolution and orogenic gold metallogeny of the western Wabigoon subprovince, Ontario

Lauren Norenberg (co-supervisor, 2020, BSc, Queen’s University): Structural controls of gold mineralization at the Van Horne prospect, Dryden, Ontario

Jordan Peterzon (co-supervisor, 2020, BSc, Queen’s University): Alteration geochemistry and paragenesis of gold mineralization at the Van Horne prospect, Dryden, Ontario

Brandon Smith (2019, BSc): 3D fault network in the western Wabigoon subprovince: implications for orogenic gold prospectivity, Ontario

Katharina Holt (co-supervisor, 2019, BSc Queen’s University): Kinematic history of the Manitou-Dinorwic Deformation Zone, and implications for mineral exploration in the western Wabigoon subprovince, Ontario

Neera Sundaralingam (co-supervisor, 2016, BSc, University of Western Ontario): Vein pyrite composition as a potential vector for defining the Canadian Malartic Footprint, Québec

Natalie Blacklock (co-supervisor, 2015, BSc, Queen’s University): Vein characterization using structural controls and petrographic analysis at Cartier Zone, Canadian Malartic Footprint, Québec


GEOL 3006 - Field Geology II (Spring): This course introduces students to the fundamentals of field mapping. It is normally offered during the first two weeks of May. Students learn how to produce geological maps and cross-sections to document the 3D geological framework of four mapping areas, including 1) Huronian sandstones and Sudbury breccia in the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, 2) poly-deformed gneisses in the Grenville Province (Crooked Lake), 3) the Grenville Tectonic Front, and 4) Huronian metasedimentary outliers on Archean basement (Bannerman Lake). Students develop general skills in orientation and map reading, use of airborne data, traverse and mapping techniques, field structural analysis, and technical report writing. PREREQ: GEOL 2126 (Mineralogy), GEOL 2237 (Rocks) and GEOL 3306 (Structural Geology).

GEOL 4016 - Precambrian Geology (Fall): This course introduces students to the evolution the Earth’s mantle, crust, surface, atmosphere and life from ~4568 Ma (formation of the Earth) to ~541 Ma (end of the Precambrian). It integrates multiple geosciences disciplines to solve Precambrian problems, including igneous petrography, structural geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, geochemistry, stable and radiogenic isotope chemistry, geochronology, and geophysics. Precambrian rock types (e.g., Komatiites, TTGs, Iron Formations), geodynamic models (e.g., stagnant lid versus plate tectonic, crust formation and growth) and global changes (e.g., Great Oxidation Event, Snowball Earth) are discussed. The geology of several Precambrian regions around the world is presented, with a special emphasis on the Canadian Shield (Acasta gneisses and Nuvvuagittuq belt, Superior Province, Trans-Hudson Orogen, Grenville Province, Mid-Continental Rift, etc.). The course consists of 16 classroom lectures, 8 labs and a field trip to Timmins. PREREQ: GEOL 2807/3807 (Geochemistry), GEOL 3206/3207 (Petrography), and GEOL 3306 (Structural Geology).


31) Mapping structural complexity using geophysics: A new geostatistical approach applied to greenstone belts of the southern Superior Province, Canada, Rebecca M. Montsion, Stéphane Perrouty, Mark D. Lindsay, Mark W. Jessell, Ben M. Frieman, 2021, Tectonophysics, 812,

30) The nature of the southern West African craton lithosphere inferred from its electrical resistivity, Florian Le Pape, Alan G. Jones, Mark W. Jessell, Colin Hogg, Luc Siebenaller, Stéphane Perrouty, Abdoulaye Touré, Pascal Ouiya, Goran Boren, 2021, Precambrian Research, 358,

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