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Wayne Warry

Wayne Warry

Professor Emeritus


I am a Professor in the School of Rural and Northern Health and Director of the Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research (CRaNHR) ( CRaNHR is a centre focused on health systems research with interdisciplinary faculty investigators and research staff from disciplines including anthropology, epidemiology, gerontology, kinesiology, medicine, nursing, social work and sociology. I am PA on the provincially funded program of research titled Health Equity for Northern Ontarians: Applied Health Research with Vulnerable Populations that involves colleagues at Laurentian, Nipissing and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. CRaNHR is also a partner in the CIHR-MOHLTC Strategy for Patient Oriented Research, a collaboration between 12 other health research centres in Ontario. I am an applied medical anthropologist by training.  My research concerns Aboriginal health and health care, both on and off reserve in Northeastern Ontario. I have experience in program design, community based training, evaluation, policy research, advocacy and cross cultural awareness training. With Kristen Jacklin (PA), Associate Professor, Human Sciences at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine I am involved with research concerning dementia in Indigenous populations as part of Team 20, Quality of Care, of the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration and Aging.


  • BA McMaster (1975)
  • MA McMaster (1976)
  • Ph.D. The Australian National University (1983)

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Warry, Wayne 2007. Ending Denial: Understanding Aboriginal Issues. Broadview/U of T Press. Warry,

Wayne 1998 Unfinished Dreams: Community Healing and the Reality of Aboriginal Self-Government. University of Toronto Press.


Pace, J., Jacklin K. & W. Warry (2015 in press). Perceptions of Dementia Prevention among Manitoulin Island First Nations, In Indigenous peoples and dementia: Experiencing and Understanding Memory Loss and Memory Care in Three Settler Nations. Wendy Hulko and Jean Balestrery eds. Proposal accepted by UBC Press.

Jacklin, Kristen M. and Wayne Warry, 2011. ‘Decolonizing First Nations’ Health’, Chapter 20, pp. 373-389, in Judith Kulig and Allison Williams (eds) Health Care in Rural Canada, UBC Press.

Select Knowledge User amd Community reports:

Kristen Jacklin, W. Warry and Melissa Blind (February 2014) Perceptions of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias in Aboriginal Peoples in Ontario: Sudbury Community Report (64 pages). Submitted to: Sudbury-Manitoulin Alzheimer’s Society; N’Swakamok Indian Friendship Centre.

 2012.Asthma Society of Canada (lead author Oxana Latcheyva), Final Report of The Respiratory Health Awareness community outreach and engagement model in First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities: Pilot Intervention, submitted to The Public Health Agency of Canada Lung Health Program.