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Zeeva Millman

Zeeva Millman

Associate Professor, School of Business Administration
School of Business Administration
Faculty of Management


  • Ph.D., (OB/HR), University of Toronto, Rotman School of Business
  • M.B.A., McGill University
  • B. Comm., McGill University


Millman, Z. (2016).  Success at Group Tasks:  Does Personality type matter?  In Progress.

Millman, Z. (2016).  Instructional vs. Motivational Self-Talk:  A model and recommendations for future research.  To be presented at the ASAC Conference 2016, Edmonton.  

Millman, Z. (2015).  In-Home health care:  Does Personality type matter?  Presented at the ASAC Conference, Halifax. 

Millman, Z. (2015). From "Moral Obligation, Get a Job" to "All in, Here to Stay":  A three level model of volunteer engagement.  Presented at the ASAC Conference 2015, Halifax.  


MGMT 1001Foundations of Management

MGMT 2006 Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility

HROB 3000 Strategic HR Planning

HROB 4102-Recruitment and Selection

HROB 4101 Training and Development

HROB 4091 Compensation Management

MGMT5131 Consulting Project

MGMT 5201 Leading by Design


Millman, Z. and Bridekirk, J. (2024). Personality, EI and Job Satisfaction: Shedding Light on the Turnover Challenge in Home Healthcare” In Progress.

Millman, Z. (2017).  High Impact Interviewing:  Finding the Right Person for the Job.  Organizational Dynamics. 45(4), 298-304.

Millman, Z. (2016).  Taking Control:  Using Verbal Self-Guidance to Enhance Organizational Performance. Organizational Dynamics. 46(3), 182-188. 

Millman, Z. & Latham, G.P.   Increasing reemployment through training in verbal self-guidance.  In Erez, M., Kleinbeck, U., and Thierry, H.K. (eds.) Work motivation in the context of the globalizing economy.  New Jersey:  Lawrence Erlbaum. 

Latham, G.P. & Millman, Z.   Context and the Employment Interview.  In Gubrium, J.F. and Holstein, J.A., (eds.) The Handbook of Interviewing.  California:  Sage Publications.

Latham, G.P., Millman, Z., & Miedema, H.  Theoretical, practical, and organizational issues affecting training.  In Thierry, H., Drenth, P., and De Wolff, C. (eds). The Handbook of Work and Organizational Psychology.  Psychology Press Ltd.

Latham, G.P., Millman, Z., & Karambayya, R.  Content domain confusion among researchers, managers and union members regarding organizational citizenship behaviour.  Canadian Journal of Administrative Studies. (14), 206-213.

Elangovan, A.R., & Millman, Z.  Mentoring:  Looking at it from the mentor's point of view.  ASAC Conference Proceedings.

Millman, Z., & Hartwick, J., The impact of automated office systems on middle managers and their work.  M.I.S.Quarterly.