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Joy Munro

Joy Munro

Dean, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Architecture
Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture
F-321, Science Building


Dr. Gray-Munro graduated from Mount Allison University in 1994 with an Honours B.Sc. in Chemistry and then went on to complete her Ph. D. in Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario. Her doctoral work involved the surface modification of biomedical polymers to give them antibacterial properties.  She completed postdoctoral positions at the National Research Council and the University of New Brunswick before becoming a faculty member at Laurentian University in 2003.


  • B.Sc. Chemistry,  Mount Allison University
  • Ph. D. Chemistry, University of Western Ontario

Academic Appointments


My main area of research is the characterization and modification of the surface of materials.  Some current projects include:

1)  Surface modification of biodegradable  metallic implant materials for improved biocompatibility

2)  Development of biomimetic superhydrophobic surfaces for corrosion control

3)  Characterization of crude oil/mineral interfaces



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