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Krishna Challagulla

Krishna Challagulla

Associate Professor, Bharti School of Engineering & Computat
Bharti School of Engineering and Computation
Science, Engineering and Architecture
F-218, Science Building


Numerical and experimental characterization of porous piezoelectric/piezoelectric foams and piezoelectric composite structures. Mechanical and physical properties and processibility of composite materials, multi-functional composites and nanocomposites. Active and passive structural health monitoring. Design and testing of advanced composite and smart composite structures for advanced applications. Processing and mechanical characterization of green composite and natural fiber composite materials. Numerical and analytical micromechanical modeling of composite, smart composite and nanocomposite structures. Micromechanical modelling of generally anisotropic structures. Energy harvesting from renewable sources using smart materials.


  • NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Bruce and Dorothy Rosetti Engineering Research Scholarship