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Sandra Dorman

Sandra Dorman

Full Professor, School of Kinesiology & Health Sciences
School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences
Faculty of Education and Health
Ben Avery - Portable II, B.F. Avery Physical Education Centre


Dr. Sandra Dorman is a Full Professor in the Faculty of Health & Education at Laurentian University and the Director of the Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health (CROSH). Dr. Dorman completed her doctoral degree in physiology/pharmacology and her research program focuses on health promotion and disease prevention in the occupational setting. She has authored over 40 papers and received over $8 million in research funding.


  • BSc Biology, University of Guelph
  • PhD Phyisology/Pharmacology, McMaster University

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Research interests are Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Ongoing projects in Dr. Dorman's laboratory include:
1. developing a resource guide exploring reproductive hazards for male and female workers in the mining environment;
2. examining energy expenditure and nutrient needs understand stressful mental and physical occupations
3. examining school schedule in relation to nutrient needs
Major contributions to research have included:
1. Progenitor cell migrational responsiveness in allergic asthma and in situ differentiation.
2. development of method to implement the use of sputum assessment in rural and occupational settings.
3. Development of a method to examine respiratory changes induced by inhalation of Diesel Particulate matter